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Save the polar go solar!


Mudramm Enterprize is based at Rajkot, Gujarat. We are committed to prosper two colors of Life – Green & Blue. Green color represents Neat & Clean Environment for Mother Earth. Blue color represents availability of Clean & Pure Water for everyone. Clean Environment & Pure Water is right of everyone.

Mudramm Enterprize tries to achieve its commitment in following ways:

  1. We offer products & services which enables our industrial clients to reduce energy consumption. It means that utilization of Fossil Fuel is reduced in plant process which leads to

    1. Less GHG & other pollutants emission
    2. Conservation of Forests & Fossil Fuels
  2. We offer solutions which fulfils clients’ Electricity & Heat Energy requirement by means of Renewable Energy – Solar PV & Solar Thermal respectively. India is blessed by Sun which showers ample amount of Solar Radiation for almost 300 days in a year. We just help our clients to harvest this Solar Energy and convert it into required form of Energy.
  3. We offer highly advance Waste Water Treatment solutions to our clients which consumes very less energy for treatment of water and ultimately proves to be very economical as long as O&M cost is concerned. Also this solution help client regain almost 80% of pure water which is ready to be used.

We will keep offering such more innovative products/services in the future which help our clients become happy by taking care of mother earth and earned money in return.

Our Products

Solar Thermal
Zero Liquid Discharge
Solar PV Plant
Heat Pump
Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
Vacuum Pump
PM Motor Screw Air Compressor with VFD
Airtight Aluminum Piping
Clean Room Fitting
Hydroxy Generator
Energy Audit
Biogas Plant

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